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Do You Have Questions About Breast Augmentation? Join Dr. Adams In A Live Twitter Question and Answer Session

New England's Premier Breast Augmentation Expert

Do you have questions about Breast Augmentation but aren’t ready to book a consultation with a plastic surgeon?  Are you still doing your research on the procedure and have questions about recovery time, where the incisions are made, or whether or not you will be able to breast feed after having a breast augmentation?

These are all reasons why you should join Boston plastic surgeon Dr. William P. Adams in a live Twitter Question and Answer session on March 22nd at 12:30 EST. What better way to do your research about Breast Augmentation than by asking a board certified plastic surgeon your pressing questions in an informal forum.

Our Internet Marketing Director, Leigh, explains how the Breast Augmentation Question and Answer session will work.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to email Leigh

How Twitter and Hashtags Work

I know many people are still intimidated by Twitter so I want to explain exactly how a Twitter Question and Answer session works.  I’m sure many of you have seen people using the hashtag symbol (#) on other social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram.  What the hashtag enables you to do in Twitter is search for tweets that have the same topic.

For our Question and Answer session, we chose the the hashtag #AskDrAdams.  When you submit your question about Breast Augmentation on Twitter, you must include “#AskDrAdams” for us to be able to see your question.  You can also use the search function in twitter and enter #AskDrAdams to find out what other people are asking.

How Do I See Dr. Adams’s Response To My Question?

If you currently follow Dr. Adams on Twitter (@dradamsboston), his response will show up on your homepage.  He will respond with the symbol “@” followed by your Twitter name.  If you do not follow @dradamsboston, your response will appear in your mentions feed using the symbol “@” followed by your Twitter name.

Still Have More Questions About How Twitter Works?

I was confused myself when I began using Twitter as well.  However, I’ve found it to be a valuable information resource, especially when it comes to what’s going on at my favorite businesses.  The Adams Center sometimes tweets last minute appointment discounts, so if you pay attention, you can use Twitter as a way to save money as well!  This website does an excellent job of explaining Twitter to novices.

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