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Did You Know That Your Sunscreen Has An Expiration Date?

DSP Sunscreen

DSP Sunscreen

With summer in full swing, I am sure many of you have gone searching in your cabinets for last years bottle of sunscreen.  Before you head out for a day at the beach, make sure that your bottle of sunscreen is not expired.  Expired sunscreen can loose its effectiveness and can also start breeding bad bacteria.  You should get in the habit of buying at least one bottle per person in your household per summer.  Make sure your kids are applying sunscreen daily, as this can drastically reduce their risk of skin cancer later in life.

This month we are offering 15% off all sunscreens sold in our office.  Have questions about what SPF you and your family should be using?  Wondering what the difference between the sunscreens sold in our office and the ones you can pick up at Walgreens and CVS are?  Ask a staff member and they will be happy to help you pick out the appropriate sunscreen for whatever your situation.  If you live out of state or simply cannot make it into the office to purchase products, you can always call us at (800) 559-3056 and we will ship your order to you.

We look forward to keeping you safe in the sun this summer!


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