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Defying Signs Of Age Is Possible

Issue #2: May 10, 2012

In a world where a day goes by like an hour, it seems like we are aging much faster. Yet, there are many women in their 50’s and older who look amazing, with virtually no solar damage, porcelain complexions, and almost wrinkle free skin.

As much as they would like you to believe it is genetics keeping them looking youthful, it is most likely their plastic surgeon along with proper care and maintenance of their skin. When you maintain your skin early on, effects of the environment, solar rays and genetics are pushed back.

Gradual maintenance overtime will slowly enhance your appearance and keep the aging signs at bay. This is also the perfect way to keep all your beauty secrets, a secret!  You will notice your friends and family commenting on your lovely appearance, but they won’t know why.  Many of my friends and family are afraid to start prescribed skin care routines because they think it requires too much time. I want to express how easy it is to incorporate good skin care and keep your schedule in balance.

Proper use of medical grade products and using the appropriate fillers and Botox can airbrush your appearance in a real way. I can never express enough how important sunscreen is to our patients. I know when it’s overcast or snowing patients say they don’t need it, but I wear it daily, no matter the lack of sun.

My routine is simple and effective. I use The Adams Center’s cleansertonerVitamin C serum andsunscreen. It takes me about 10 minutes in the morning and I’m set with my skin care. I mirror the same protocol at night, subbing a moisturizer in place of the Vitamin C and sunscreen.

Along with my product use I have our medical aesthetician, Cathy, microderm my face and neck.Microdermabrasion is an excellent way to exfoliate your skin and refresh your glow. I also actively maintain my appearance with Botox and dermal fillers. Being proactive with my injectables helps me maintain my overall appearance and defy the aging elements. These are all very easy ways to maintain and put your best face forward!

Please contact me directly if you have any questions regarding any skin health procedures!

Your Plastic Surgerista,


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