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Build a Stronger Core

The muscles of your back and abdominal region take a lot of abuse throughout the day. Walking, bending, lifting, and even sitting can put strain on your core.

A lack of good core strength, can lead to lower back pain, injury, and poor posture just to name a few. If you play sports, your core muscles are critical to good performance.
People tend to look at the muscles of the back and abdomen as separate areas. In reality, the two groups are interconnected. You must train both areas, or you can throw off your body’s alignment.

The back is prone to injury, so be sure not to over train. Limit the number of training sessions to about 3 per week (30 minutes each) with a day of rest in between. Beginners, start by alternating 2 back training sessions per week with 2 days rest.



Beginners should consult with their physician prior to starting any exercise program. If you’ve never lifted weights, you may want to consult with a personal trainer for one on one instruction and to develop a personalized exercise program.