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Breast Augmentation to Correct Breast Asymmetry

Most people think of a breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery only as a way to increase breast size.

However, my breast augmentation patients also come to me for help to correct breast asymmetry – differences either in size, or shape. These differences may have been present all along, or changes can occur over time and lead to asymmetry.

While many think of their options as being limited to silicone gel or saline implants, the fact is that your choices are vast. There are over 140 different choices for shape, size, style, materials used, etc.

I prefer placing the implants under the muscle to provide better cover for the implant, and to make mammography to detect breast cancer easier. Implants can still be placed through any of the traditional incisions including under the breast (inframammary), under the arm (transaxillary), or under the areola (periareolar).

Many of our patients say that a breast augmentation has helped improve their self confidence levels, and overall happiness about their bodies.