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Breakthroughs in Facial Aging

In 2006, over 102,000 people aged 40 and older had a facelift. In fact, the facelift is the second most popular cosmetic surgical procedure for both men and women over 55, according to ASPS statistics.

A groundbreaking study in June’s Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, shows that the human face is made up of fat compartments positioned in areas around the forehead, eye, cheek and mouth that individually change with age.

When we’re young, the transition between these compartments is uniform and smooth. As we age changes occur between these regions due to loss, gain, and shifting of facial fat. These changes lead to sagging, “hollowed” skin, and wrinkles.

This new information helps plastic surgeons to more accurately pinpoint trouble areas and use fillers to add volume to individual sections of the face, creating a more effective way to turn back the clock.

Whether injectable fillers, surgery, or using a combination to treat all of the signs of aging, the procedure(s) selected should fit the needs of the patient.

While a full surgical facelift used to be the only option for minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, injectable wrinkle fillers and new laser treatments allow people to put off a facelift. However, these new non-surgical treatments are not cure-alls. At some point (often starting at around our 50’s), we all reach a level of facial aging where surgery may be the best option.


A new facelift technique that places the incision at an angle within the temple areas (as opposed to above the ear) allows for better hiding of the scar as hair grows back through the scar. The technique minimizes the Joan Rivers look, and allows women to pull their hair back without exposing a scar and men to grow sideburns without having missing hair.

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