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Botox Injections Video For Men

The number of men receiving Botox has drastically increased over the past couple years. I realize many men may be nervous or uncertain about trying Botox for the first time so I want to share with you a series of videos in which a male patient has Botox for the first time. The first video I speak with Tom about his areas of concern and what to expect during the treatment. In the second video, I begin by injecting Botox in between the brows to treat the “eleven lines”. In the third video I inject around the eyes.

Below Is A Transcription From This Video

Botox Injections Video -Tom Meets With Dr. Adams Before His First Ever Botox Injections

Dr. Adams: Hi Tom.
Tom: Dr. Adams.
Dr. Adams: How are you?
Tom: Nice to see you.
Dr. Adams: So we are going to do some Botox.
Tom: Okay.
Dr. Adams: All right, I notice that you checked your frown lines between your brows and then the lines down at the corner of your mouth are things that we can treat Botox with.
Tom: Okay.
Dr. Adams: Now the places that we inject Botox are between the brows to get this muscle, on the forehead to soften these lines.
Tom: Okay.
Dr. Adams: The lines around here those are the smile lines and then we can inject down here there is a muscle that pulls down the corner of the mouth, and if you soften that a little bit, it will allow these muscles, the smile muscles which you use well to pick up the corner of the mouth, and then we can also inject the neck which you don’t need for the bending on the neck.
Tom: Okay.
Dr. Adams: So those are the areas. Now when I inject the Botox, you are going to see some effect in a day or two, maximum effect in two weeks. You tell me if there is anything you don’t like or something you see that you don’t understand, but basically what happens gradually, the area softens, it doesn’t move as much. I try to leave some movement because if it’s totally frozen, it looks funny because this part of your face isn’t moving and your mouth is moving, it just doesn’t look good. Now, if you have a line when you spread it that it stays there, that’s a static line. We won’t get rid of that completely. It will soften it and may get better over time but it won’t go away completely.
Tom: Ok.
Dr. Adams: So my suggestion for you is if we inject between your brows for these lines, your forehead for these lines, around here for the lines here, then also we’ll lift the brow a little bit, and then this to lift the corner of the mouth. But you don’t have to do all this at once as it’s your first time doing Botox so you may want to try in your head the thing you said that bothered you was this.
Tom: Yeah, if you want to try this and this…
Dr. Adams: Sure yeah.
Tom: Then see how that kind of goes?
Dr. Adams: Absolutely, and you know, we can see what it’s like and then if you want to have more, then we can always do more. Typically I suggest to patients they come back every three month to get the injections so you still somewhat have some effect of the Botox that has been injected. It probably will last six months and you can be your own judge looking at it as to when you come back, but that’s kind of the time frame of how I look at the process.
Now today I’ll have you lie down. I’ll prep it with alcohol. The needle I use is the smallest needle made so if you feel a little thing, but it’s usually not bad but tell me if you are fine or you need to stop. It’s not as easy as I say it is and then we can go from there.
Tom: Okay.
Dr. Adams: What questions do you have?
Tom: Well it’s funny I tried to sort of say about my day to not be a busy day and of course it’s a busy day.
Dr. Adams: Okay. Well that’s good.
Tom: But you said I may get some bruising or whatever so I might as well just sort of see how that happens.
Dr. Adams: Usually you don’t get bruising.
Tom: Okay.
Dr. Adams: The area that is more likely to bruise is usually around here because there are smaller blood vessels.
Tom: Right.
Dr. Adams: If I see anything that looks like it’s starting to bruise, we’ll put some pressure on it.
Tom: Okay.
Dr. Adams: And when I finish injecting, we’ll put some ice on it and that just helps with swelling and to constrict the blood vessels to try and minimize bleeding.
Tom: And then, is there anything I have to do after the procedure? I mean, do I have to massage the area, do I have to – no, nothing.
Dr. Adams: You don’t have to do anything because your normal activity during the day, you are going to be moving these muscles. I ask you not to exercise today.
Tom: Okay.
Dr. Adams: Don’t go on a sauna or don’t take a long hot shower. It won’t affect the result negatively but it may make you swell or bruise more of that there.
Tom: Hope so.
Dr. Adams: Or tanning.
Tom: Okay.

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