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Arm Lift

Why consider an arm lift?

An Arm Lift is used to correct loose, drooping skin on upper arm and reduce the overall thickness of upper arm. An Arm Lift is often performed after a massive weight loss where the skin has been stretched beyond its natural range of elasticity, and has lost the ability to contract. Patients sometimes choose to sculpt other parts of their bodies during the same surgical session with a tummy tuck, thigh lift, Total Body Lift, or buttock lift along with an Arm Lift.

Arm Lift Method and Recovery:

Extra skin and fat are removed by incisions on the inner arm. Incisions are placed where they can be best hidden while still allowing tissue to be tightened. An Arm Lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia. You may return home same day following your Arm Lift. Most patients recover in about 1 week, and full activity can be resumed in 6 weeks.


Dr. William P. Adams is a board certified plastic surgeon who has performed more than 40 successful arm lift procedures.

Financing your Arm Lift:

We offer a number of payment plans and financing options designed to fit your needs.


Every patient and every cosmetic surgery is different. One of the most important factors for the success of an Arm Lift, or any procedure is taking the time to review your goals and set realistic expectations.

More about The Adams Center

Dr. William P. Adams is a board certified plastic surgeon with more than 28 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. In addition to performing body contouring procedures such as arm lift, he is a leading breast surgeon, performing breast reduction, breast lift and breast implants surgery in Boston. He is also skilled in many facial plastic surgery procedures such as eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty. To learn more about your surgical options at The Adams Center, contact the practice today at 800-559-3056.

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