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Are You Content With The Size Of Your Breasts? Are They Too Big, Too Small? Dr. Adams Weighs In


February 12th, 2014

In our appearance-conscious society, it is rare to find a woman who is perfectly contented with the size and shape of her breasts. Though some social commentators have criticized the culture for its fascination with the female figure, the fact remains that women with breasts that are too large or too small may feel conspicuous or unattractive, especially when wearing more revealing fashions.

While the flat-chested woman may believe that she does not look feminine enough, the overendowed woman oftentimes feels herself the subject of unwanted attention.

Women with very large breasts often suffer physical discomfort, especially during exercise, and may have specific neck, back and shoulder symptoms due to the excessive weight of her breast tissue.

Both large-breasted and small-breasted women may have difficulty finding clothes that fit well.  These are some of the reasons that can bring a woman to seek aesthetic breast surgery.

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