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Vita Soothe

Spectacular serum soothes & smoothes skin!

 Adams M.D. Spadermaceutical’s Vita Soothe is a corrective serum that treats dry and damaged skin, mature skin, breakouts, inflammation, and enlarged pores.

 The serum combines Vitamins E and F, with naturally occurring ceramides and sphingolipids to protect and heal skin by restoring moisture levels and increasing resistance to future environmental stress.

In a clinical study, after 14 days, patients saw:

  • 55% increase in skin smoothness
  • 47% increase in hydration
  • 15% decrease in appearance of fine lines

Vita Soothe’s “Microfluidized” particles are quickly and deeply absorbed into the skin, so you’ll notice improvement in minutes.

Cost: $68.75

Please call the office to order: (800)559-3056