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Dual Action Toner

A spectacularly soothing exfoliating toner with a proprietary blend of botanicals and exfoliators.

 Adams M.D. Spadermaceutical’s Dual Action Toner soothes and smoothes skin while it cleans and clears dead skin cells to uncover youthful, glowing skin. No other toner combines two amazing exfoliators with soothing Chamomile extract for benefits including:

  • Salicylic Acid penetrates pores and dissolves oil & debris inside.
  • Glycolic Acid unclogs pores, and lightly exfoliates and refines skin. Glycolic acid also increases Hyaluronic acid for fuller looking skin.
  • Chamomile extract calms and soothes skin while minimizing irritation.

This dermatologist and plastic surgeon recommended toner is formulated for all skin types, and is effective for acne-prone, or sensitive skin.

Cost: $27.50

Please call the office to order: (800) 559-3056