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The Adams Center Ambassador Program

The Adams Center Ambassador Program was designed to educate our patients on our services, treatments, and products.  We believe that a whole body approach to beauty is the best way to achieve your cosmetic goals.  Our ambassadors are selected and asked to narrate their personal transformation in the form of video interviews, personal written statements, and before and after photos.  Our hope is that these personal narratives will assist you in achieving your own personal skin care goals.  We view this as a forum for education and hope you will take the opportunity to participate by asking questions and sharing this information with friends and family.

Congratulations to Teri and Tom, our first ever Adams Center Ambassadors!  Please bookmark this page for informational videos, before and after photos and updates from our ambassadors who will be sharing their personal journey beginning in January.

A Close Up Of A Patients Facelift Results

Facelift Results

Teri Has Dermasound

Boston Dermasound

Dr. Adams Shows Tom His Progress Since He Began The Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Program

Boston Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Teri’s First Sculptra Injections

Dr. Adams Injects Radiesse Around The Nasolabial Folds

Tom Receives His Clarisonic Cleansing Brush

Sculptra vs. Radiesse: Dr. Adams Discusses Tom’s Options For Facial Fillers

Sculptra vs. Radiesse

Tom Receives Botox Around The Eyes

Tom Meets With Dr. Adams Before His First Botox Injections

Dr. Adams Shows You His Process For Mixing Botox

Tom’s Consultation with Dr. Adams


Teri Has Botox Around the Eyes and in the Chin and Neck Area

Teri Has Botox Between The Brows and In The Forehead Area

Teri Meets With Dr. Adams Before Her Botox Treatment


Teri’s Consult with Dr. Adams

 Tom Gets His Adams Center Products

Terri Gets Her Adams Center Products

 Tom Uses His Adams Center Products at Home

 Teri Talks About Her Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel Boston


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