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2006 Cosmetic Surgery Statistics

2006 showed some interesting trends in both cosmetic surgery, and non-surgical procedures.

With approximately 11.5 million cosmetic procedures (both surgical and non-surgical performed in the U.S. – a small increase of 1% from 2005 – more people than ever are choosing to manage the signs of aging or just look and feel their best.

One of the more interesting points that came out of this report is that while surgical procedures actually showed a decline, more people than ever are realizing the benefits of non-surgical procedures which account for 83% of the total cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S.

Recently, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery released their 2006 statistics for cosmetic procedures, which showed:

  • Surgical procedures decreased by about 9%
  • Non-surgical procedures increased 3%
  • Women had 92% of all procedures – an increase of 1% from 2005
  • Men had 8% of all procedures
  • African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and other non-caucasian groups accounted for 21.7% of all procedures – a significant growth over 2005

The top five surgical procedures were:

The top non-surgical procedures were:

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